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Friday was our Bronx Zoo trip, which I tweeted about briefly. The trip went well-- it stopped raining by the time we got there, and it only started again for a very brief time, during which we were on the tram and didn't have to endure it. As we crossed the parking lot to get to our buses, the sun came out. The windows in all of the exhibits were fogged up, so we couldn't see the gorillas or the tigers or the snow leopards. ::shrug:: It was humid, but cool, and my kids were fantastic. Mallory get some awesome pictures, and my phone took some pretty good ones, too.

Saturday was spent catching up on things around the house, doing the bees, and having drinks with my Grandma, Mom, and Amy.

I did end up going to game, albeit wicked, wicked late. I showed up in time to get roped into an hour+ long combat scene, which was pretty awesome. That reminds me, I need to actually do a DTR this week...

Today was L's Pirate Party. B and I dragged ourselves out to plant 11 boxes at some really beautiful locations; 3 at the Fort Griswold Obelisk, 3 at Bluff Point, 3 at the Ledyard Fairgrounds, and 2 in the yard. There were maps, and clues, and everyone was dressed up. When we went to Fort Griswold, I ended up asking the guard there if it was OK for us to plant boxes, and explaining what we were doing. After clearing it with his supervisor (and receiving suggestions for places to put them!), we did. Little did we know that when L and Company arrived, the guard would jump out, rifle in hand, and force them to climb the monument stairs before receiving the booty! I thought it was hilarious that they played along. L and Co. thought we set that part up on purpose. :-)
The boxes were all eventually found, and hilarity was the word of the day. So. Much. Hijinx. zomg. Today was a damned fine day.

This is my last full week of school. I have Monday of next week, and then I start camp on Thursday of next week. W00t. 2 whole days of summer vacation. *rolls eyes* Can I be independently wealthy now? Or at least have a job that pays the bills with a little left over?
Though, to be fair, that's the only thing in my life right now that's not absolutely amazing. Srsly. Happy. :) If you're not, you need to come spend some time with me. It's contagious.

Date: 2009-06-15 12:56 pm (UTC)
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It was a great time. Thanks again for your help, we really made her day.


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